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Royal Aire is a complete heating and air company, repairing and installing furnaces and air conditioners. Furthermore, we offer solar, plumbing, insulation and water treatment services in Chico California. We also serve Butte and Glenn Counties.

When you call us, we actually answer the phone. We know, that’s a rarity. But we believe when you call a business, you expect to talk to someone personally. Otherwise you could just look at their website. Well, that is if they have one. 🙂

Quick Response – Within 24 Hours

Sometimes when you call a company, they may not be able to fit you in. Well they don’t have enough service techs, or trucks… or something. Either way they dropped the ball.

With Royal Aire, you can call and we CAN fit you in. We’re thrilled you called and we’ll book your appointment right away. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Our number is simple, its just (530) 899-9999.

Why Is Royal Aire Your Best Solar Installation Provider in Chico Area?

Royal Aire has a great advantage with Royal Hawkley, his partners Jesse Robles and Bob Brown at their helm. They are from Chico, and have been rearing their families in the area. Together they have over 80 years in the home comfort business, including Solar installations. They have been coaching homeowners about energy savings for decades. Their understanding of a practical way to save money on energy, runs bone deep. They don’t subscribe to flashy gimmicks or equipment that underperforms. Royal Aireand Solar has found that the best way to save energy is to install the most up-to-date, quality-made solar panel equipment, sized-right, and installed correctly. Their processes are very pragmatic – Do these solar panels make financial sense, and will it benefit your family in comfort and return on investment?

That’s why Royal Aire and Solar has been installing residential, commercial and farming solar arrays for the last 5 years. They know how to evaluate energy loads, shade reports, site plans, and roof slopes all to gain the most efficient solar installation plan available. Royal Aire’s solar experience has a solid energy basis, and they can show any home or business owner how many solar panels to install to reach their goal of energy independence.

When a representative from Royal Aire comes to your home or business, they evaluate everything about your situation. Where the trees are, shadeforecasting for various times of year, how much roof space you have, where the sunlight is optimized on your lot, the annual kilowatt hour consumption on your PG&E bill, and how to structure a solar system. Their report proposal will be structured so you can have the optimal return on investment on your solar panel installation, in the shortest possible time.

When you think about installing a solar array on your home, farm or business, you’ll want a company that knows what they are doing, like Royal Aire and Solar. Even though solar panels don’t have moving parts, you’ll want the best, most recent technology, installed well, and backed up by a solid company. Especially you’ll want a Chico based company that is strong enough to stand behind what they install. Royal Aire and Solar is that company.

If now is the time for you to find out if a Solar Array is right for you, give Royal Aire and Solar a call at :

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